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Kumbura Villa, our peaceful and breathtaking retreat located just a few miles from Galle city, invites free-spirited travellers to a soothing getaway; that serves both individuals and families alike. renowned travel writers that had the chance to experience our boutique villa in Sri Lanka , wrote about us on the international press.

The CN Traveller listed Kumbura villa as one of the best villas in Sri Lanka, praising its cosy arrangement in the midst of a breathtaking natural setting. Delighted by the villa’s admiration of Nature and wildlife, writers at CN Traveller hail Kumbura villa as an oasis, inviting fellow explorers to uncover for themselves the wonders of this destination.

The Mail on Sunday hyped up the local food scene and the Sri Lankan cuisine experience brought to you by Kumbura Villa, along with an intriguing display of authentic wildlife consisting of monkeys and peacocks. Your stay here promises a truly exotic escape from the bustle of daily life while exposing you to new worlds. 

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The Food & Travel magazine calls Kumbura Villa the ideal spot for a “multi-gen getaway”. With its family friendly elements, this retreat does really pack the spirit of a true escape for all generations. Praising the nature-blended serenity of Kumbura Villa, the Food & Travel magazine invites travelers to an authentic Sri Lankan experience.

A historical building that was once the grand house of the village, is now the delightful tourist escape that is Kumbura Villa. The Grazia magazine describes the retreat as a stylish spot to make your holiday “extra special”. It praises the surrounding scenery covered in paddy fields, beaches, and temples and calls on eager travelers to indulge at this exotic stay. 

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